Your old paint may have started to fade or peel. Your house is starting to look very unappealing. It needs a new coat of paint very badly. Aside from looking ugly, the woods have started to expose themselves; and with the rain and sun alternating attacks, not to mention the effects of pollution, it won’t be long till you’ll need a carpenter to remove and change some of the rotten woods and this will be an added expense.

What are some of the considerations to take into account to make your house painting a huge success? Here are some tips that Painting Services will like to share with you to help deliver the desired results.

  • Surface preparation is first and foremost. First, the old paint should be removed completely. There are several ways to do this. Sanding is the most popular way of doing it. There should be none of the old paint that should remain.
  • Second, the surface for painting should be very clean. There shouldn’t be any sign of dirt, grime, wood disease, or other impurities should be totally removed.
  • And third, the surface should be super dry. Any presence of oil or kerosene based smudges should be removed completely.

Poor preparation will diminish the sticking power of the paint. After just a few years the paint may start peeling off.

Choosing the paint color can be a difficult task. This is another area that needs a lot of examinations. Remember that you’ll have to live with the same color for 20 to 25 years. If you don’t like it, you’re going to spend a lot of your living years as an unhappy person unless you have it repainted.

There are several house sections that need painting and each of them will require different types of paint hues. The exterior color may be the easiest one to decide since only one color is needed. Meanwhile, the living room, the bedrooms, and the kitchen, each of them will have to be painted with different colors. For best results three to four color combinations may be required to greatly enhance your interior. Using one tinge may transform your house into something that looks like a public building; or worse: a penitentiary.

Now in choosing what color to use, special consideration should be given to places which have a heavy workload or have more traffic than the others. They’ll easily get dirty and may need more cleaning than the other areas. Using the paint and color, that is dirt or stain resistant and easy to clean, will be the best choice.